How to Start Healthy Eating Habits (Tip: It’s not 21 days!)

How to Start Healthy Eating Habits (Tip: It’s not 21 days!)

It’s no lie that abs are made in the kitchen, and maintaining and starting healthy eating habits is key to a healthy lifestyle. So why is it so hard to stick to healthy new eating habits? Science says it takes time. That’s why YouFit’s “Fit Won’t Quit” 90-Day Challenge is here, to help you start – and stay on – a path that leads you to your very best self. The one with plenty of energy, a strong body, and the encouragement you need to feel good every day. You can have all that, and we can help!

What Scientists Say About Starting New Habits

Don’t expect to create a lasting habit after only 21 days. For most people, that’s just not enough time. In a groundbreaking study Dr. Phillipa Lally, Senior Research Fellow in the Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health at University College London, conducted a study with 96 people who were interested in forming a new habit. All 96 participants were monitored for 12 weeks and the results showed an average of 66 days to solidify a new habit. By this time, the average participant said their new habit felt “hard not to do” and they could do it “without thinking.”

That’s where YouFit’s 90-day challenge comes in. Full of workout plans from certified professional trainers, encouragement from an award-winning motivational coach, and the best meal planning system available – EatLove – it’s the tool you need to make a lasting change.

Register for the “Fit Won’t Quit” 90-Day challenge and you’ll get:

  • Personalized recipes from EatLove for challenge participants that promote a balanced diet
  • Suggestions for meal planning and healthy eating
  • Recommendations for navigating the grocery store on a budget
  • Tips from EatLove experts on enjoying holiday food while staying on track

And that’s only ONE PART of starting the healthy new life you’ve always dreamed of. With the “Fit Won’t Quit” challenge, YouFit takes a 360 approach to wellness with a challenge that offers fitness, nutrition, and motivational support led by our expert personal trainers, our partners at EatLove, and a wellness & mindset coach and author, Petra Kolber.

How Do You Make a New Habit Stick?

Advice from psychologists and neuroscientists suggests a few key strategies for making a new habit, like working out and eating well, become a long-term lifestyle.  

  1. Start strong. The University College London study showed that your first days of forming a habit are the most important. To make your strongest start possible, the Fit Don’t Quit challenge offers unlimited use of ANY YouFit gym.
  2. Breaking a habit is harder than starting one. Some neuroscientists suggest the best way to stop a “bad” habit, like eating ice cream and watching TV in the evenings, is to replace it with a “good” habit. With access to YouFit On Demand, challenge participants can work out on any device, at any time, anywhere. That means replacing an old habit with a healthy one is much easier. 
  3. Support is everything. Most people just can’t go it alone. Humans are social creatures who crave connection and encouragement to start a new habit is essential. Tell your friends and family about your fitness goals, so they can help hold you accountable. But that’s just the start of the support you’ll find. YouFit has partnered with Wellness & Mental Health Coach, Petra Kolber, for Weekly LIVE webinars and online Q&As, available only to Fit Won’t Quit participants.  
  4. Make a promise to yourself. You know all those New Year’s resolutions? It turns out that while they’re not always successful, one study shows that the simple act of making a resolution makes you ten times more likely to succeed! Commit, promise yourself you’re really doing it, and let YouFit help.

What’s Included in the Fit Won’t Quit Challenge

Beginning September 1, every member who checks in to the gym at least 3X a week will win a limited-edition challenge t-shirt. Hit your goals with the trifecta of good health: nutrition, workouts, and motivational support. Our challenge includes: 

  • Small group classes with a personal trainer. Unlimited access to our premium HIIT+ class designed to build lean muscle mass and get results fast!
  • Motivation Weekly LIVE webinars and online Q&As with Wellness & Mental Health Coach, Petra Kolber
  • Fitness Advice. Exclusive workout guides, tips, and specialized plans devised by YouFit trainers to keep you motivated throughout the course of the challenge.
  • Access to any YouFit Gym. Your Premium+ challenge membership gets you unlimited access to ANY YouFit Gym.
  • Nutrition Coaching. Access to the EatLove app for meal planning and nutrition support designed by registered dietitians.

Eating well will give you the energy to push through the duration of the challenge, and maintain the stamina you’ll need to complete the challenge of checking in three times a week for 90 days. Access to EatLove is included for all Premium+ members and provides you with your own personal dietitian in your pocket. 

Ready to get started? 

Premium+ members are automatically entitled to participate in this challenge. All other members, including anyone who doesn’t have a YouFit membership at all yet, can get in too: Sign up for only $5 and participate in the challenge for only $30 a month. Be sure to act fast because the challenge begins on September 1. 

Get ready to become a better version of yourself and explore all the amazing opportunities available at YouFit gyms.

Register for the Fit Won’t Quit 90-Day Challenge Now!

How Do I Sign Up?

  • If you’re a Premium+ member, you’re already in! No additional fees. You’re set. 
  • All Basic and Premium members can get in on the challenge for only $1 a day. 
  • Not a member yet? You can participate too, just by signing up for the same $1 a day for the first 90 days of your YouFit membership. 

What’s the Timing?

August 1st – August 30th – Register for the Fit Won’t Quit Challenge! Members and guests can join at this time, plus be on the lookout for YouFit open house dates in August!

September 1 – The Fit Won’t Quit Challenge Begins.  All Premium+ members are automatically entered into the challenge. 

Every Monday throughout the challenge– All participants receive access to exclusive HIIT+ classes, signature workouts and more.

November 31 – The Fit Won’t Quit challenge ends. Your body, your energy level and your emotional health will have never felt so good! After spending 90 days giving yourself the gift of strength, flexibility and endurance, you’re on your way to a lifetime of being your best self. 


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